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 Scott Bond DMin.

Writer, Speaker, Missionary Professor, and Wandering Servant of God's Kingdom

A missionary professor, as I define it, is an academically and experientially qualified professor who supports himself as a missionary and serves those who are in need of Bible based academic and ministerial training, but lack the resources, or the accessibility to such education.


When I said YES to God and entered pastoral ministry 20 years ago, I had no idea of the grand adventure that awaited me. Full of pain, promise, and Providence, this journey has afforded me a formal education that culminated in a Doctorate of Ministry and changed me through significant experiences and important relationships. I want to share all of that with my audience.

Always Relevant: Jesus, through his Word and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, always has something important to say about every issue. I plan to share what He is showing me about the world and about myself through the lens of current events. I pray that will benefit you as well.

Always Truthful: What is truth? Truth is! I believe that when we know the truth, we know God a little bit better. I try to always tell the truth, as I understand it, while remaining open to learning more from life, the Lord, and my fellow wandering servants in God's Kingdom. Veritas Vos Liberabit

Often Irreverent: I'm not a fan of being disrespectful or trying to shock people into hearing me. However, I believe that biblical truth is too important to be spoken in a way that the average person cannot understand. In fact, my teacher's heart always reminds me that if I truly understand something, I should be able to explain it well enough that a child can get it.

Perhaps some of the things that I have learned, the knowledge that I have acquired, and the biblical worldview that I have embraced will bless you and broaden your perspective. Perhaps your responses will broaden mine.


Let's walk together for a while and see what God might have for us along the way. - Scott

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