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A Few Thoughts on Prayer

Today, I want to share a few thoughts with you on prayer. I will unpack these thoughts over the next few days. On Friday we will begin our next 60 Second Devotion, “30 Day of Identity.”

Prayer does not function apart From a relationship with God. Without that relationship prayer is nothing more than superstition and religious incantations.

If you have the wrong view of God, prayer will be an exercise in futility and result in great frustration. If you have an accurate view of God, prayer will be the most logical and reasonable thing to do. It will result in a sense of spiritual intimacy and an ever increasing trust with your Creator.

Do something, anything, to get your thoughts towards heaven. Even the smallest, most brief, simple spiritual exercise can lead us into the presence of God and leave us there throughout our day.

Shoot up a quick prayer, nothing fancy. Read a verse of Scripture, nothing Lengthy. Spend a moment in silence with your thoughts on God, just a moment. Recall a situation where God really came through for you, where you experienced supernatural provision, just one. Look at something beautiful and simply look up to heaven and thank God. Just three words, “thank you, God.” Nothing lengthy is needed.

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