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Chinese food is like the Gospel?

Yes it is. In China, the food varies widely (57 varieties) from region to region, yet at its heart, it remains essentially Chinese. In fact, Chinese food tends to bend and mold itself into a culture while remaining true in its core expression.

In Mississippi, you might enjoy crawdads Cantonese, or black eyed peas in place of fermented black beans. In Jamaica, you'll find Chinese food blended with jalapeños that makes spicy Sichuan food taste weak, or perhaps you'd enjoy jerk chicken lo mein. Indian Chinese food boasts Gobi Manchurian, and ropa vieja gets a unique treatment as a Cuban/Chinese staple in Havana's Barrio Chino. Just between us, rumor has it that the best Chinese food on Earth can be found in Lima, Peru.

Like Chinese food, the Gospel is malleable enough to exist in any culture without compromising its essential gospellyness. The way we dress, the time of day we meet, the way we sing, our church buildings, even the length of our services are all cultural. Those things don't make us Christians, only Jesus can do that. Those things make us American Christians. It's the Gospel expressed in an American way.

I think I'll travel the world. Taste all of the Gospel flavor. And where none exists, I'll open a restaurant. You comin'?


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