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The Fellowship of Suffering: Day 1

This is a challenging topic, but you have just spent the last 34 days arming yourself with the truth of your identity in Christ. You are ready for this. Christians Suffer.

The Word - "For it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in him but also suffer for his sake," Philippians 1:29 ESV

A Thought - Christians suffer. Let's be honest, we all want to live pain free, materially blessed, lives of relative leisure. The bad new is that the Bible has a lot to say about the fact the we Christians will suffer (see 2 Timothy 3:12; Mark 13:13). The good news is that there is a sweet intimacy with Jesus and personal growth that we can only experience in the fellowship of suffering.

A Prayer - Lord, when life gets really hard, it is easy for me to feel like You have abandoned me or are punishing me. I know that is not true. You will never forsake me. Thank you for showing me in your Word that suffering is part of the normal Christian life. When hardship comes my way, I ask that You remind me of Your purpose in it and let me feel greater intimacy with Jesus. - All blessing, honor, glory, power and praise are Yours, Amen.

Touch the Hem of Jesus' Robe and transform your life, 60 seconds at a time. - Scott

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